Called to Cover, or Adventures in Pagan Veiling

In a world rife with religious intolerance the choice to walk a Pagan path is challenging enough. I mean, I have to do all the work of finding reliable information pertinent to my path. What deities will I follow? What rituals are important? How do I perform those rituals? Where the heck am I supposed to find ____________*?

*insert ingredients and or tools, or both. The skin of a black snake? Really, now? Let me just run down to the market…

Truthfully, all of those questions are what make this path right for me. I love the fact that the principles of my faith call on me to be accountable, and not at some nebulous, in the future date, but every day. Every step of this path requires an active search for information and wisdom.


My search for wisdom, and my devotion to my deities, led me to find the concept of Pagan veiling. Ok, I say I was led to find it, but it was more like divine intervention, with Pinterest as the tool.

There I was, browsing Pinterest while enjoying the first cup of coffee, and an article showed up on my feed. I read it, found it interesting and resumed my scrolling. Then there was another article on it. And another and another.

I started to get the feeling I get when I am in a ritual, but stronger. Goosebumps on my skin, pounding heart, butterflies… And I swear, at that moment, as I sat pondering and watching the chickens in the yard, the clouds parted and the sun came shining through.

I put down my coffee and tablet, and immediately went into my bedroom and wrapped my head. The first head scarf that I used was silver. The moment the cloth was wound around my head, I knew I that this was meant for me. I love it when Divinity speaks directly to me.

There were some people who asked me if I had converted to Islam, if I was an ISIS sympathizer.

One very brave acquaintance said I looked like a Voodoo witch. I am sure he meant it as a joke, so I didn’t make a poppet, yet.*cue evil laugh*

Once I explained to these people that women from many different places have decided on modesty in the form of veiling to show honor, either to God, their Gods, or their husbands, most understood.

A few still do not, and that’s ok. My devotion is not dependent on their understanding. IMG_20151231_171743

So what have I gained by covering?

Well, dear hubby loves that I do not allow just anyone to see me without my covering. I think it makes him proud that I choose to not be identified or objectified by my physical attributes. But that’s not even on the list of reasons why I will continue.

The most notable gain is the sense of security it gives me. Long hair serves as a kind of antenna, channeling energy into the crown and third eye. When you are a HSP, this can be a curse. The energy and emotions of others can at times be overwhelming. Covering my hair acts as a sort of shield. It helps me to differentiate between my own and others’ feelings.

I feel the rewards of honoring my deities. Taking time to cover my hair is taking time and making a conscious effort to acknowledge them daily. They don’t want worship, they want a relationship. Covering is my way of maintaining that relationship.

Having a bad hair day? Put a scarf on it, I am good to go. ‘Nuff said. That patch of gray no longer is a problem.

Are there drawbacks? Of course. Even in the winter, multiple layers of fabric wrapped around your head can be stifling. I am certain that August in Georgia will be pure Hades. It’s a bit of a hassle to just run down to the grocery. Can’t leave the house uncovered, so running out to get milk can mean an extra half hour making sure my head is properly covered.

Hat hair. All. The. Time.


Those knots and twists of fabric can get skewed and knocked loose. I have walked around for hours in public before seeing my reflection and realizing I’d been walking around looking crazy with crooked knots and stray hairs peeking out.

I am still going to cover.

Disclaimer: Voodoo is a very valid practice. I am in no way disrespecting any who practice it, or how they do so.

The Anti-partier, or Please don’t make me leave my bubble.

I am making this blog post while I wait for dear hubby to finish getting ready. The kiddies are at the sitter, the four legged beastie is soon to be kennel bound; hubby and I have our first night alone in months.


I love time alone with dear hubby, so why do I have a lead weight in my gut and an overwhelming need to vomit at the thought of going out?

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder doesn’t really follow any set of rules, in my experience. I find groups of people terrifying. Large groups or crowds have been known to systematically shut down the processing center in my brain. The sensation of sensory overload is extremely unpleasant.

Tonight we have a party to attend. Most of the attendees will be people that are my friends, with some of them more like family. I have spent the last three days mentally preparing myself for it. It’s a benefit party, proceeds of which will be used to help a family rebuild their lives after a devastating house fire.

I would rather eat broken glass than go. Social anxiety sucks. I want to see my friends, and the folks I care about, all while enjoying some primo grub and supporting a very worthy cause, but I can’t stand the thought of being there.

I don’t know where I am going with this. Consider this post to be a PSA. Some people might come across as stuck up or snobby in social settings. You might see them and think, “What a bitch.”

Consider that they may just be suffering from debilitating social anxiety.



Mutts Are The Best Dogs

IMG_20140422_233602Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bruno came into our lives on January 16, 2014. I will never forget the day. Hubby was at work, at the time running his own auto shop. I was at home, quilting. At around 2:30 that afternoon he sent me a picture of the cutest little pup. Now, he was all the time sending me pictures of the stray animals in the neighborhood, so I didn’t suspect a thing at this point. Our text conversation read like this:

Me: She is cute.

Hubby: It’s a he.

Me: Oh, well, he is handsome. Who does he belong to?(By now I am really hoping that hubby can’t find the owners. It was such a handsome little pup)

Hubby: Yours, if you want him.

At this point hubby calls me with the story. This was back in the days before we left Facebook.(I will tell that story another time) Hubby frequented a lot of the yard sale and buy/sell/trade pages and had come across a post that a lady had made regarding five pit bull mix pups that she was going to take to animal control if she couldn’t find homes for them within the week.

Now, let me pause here and add a disclaimer or public service announcement, whatever you might choose to take it as. I have heard all the stories about so called “bully breeds” being too aggressive, too mean, etc, etc. Personally, I think that the people responsible for those unfortunate dogs are to blame for it. Any dog can be made mean. It’s all about how you raise them. Unfortunately, at least in my area, bully breeds have only about 48 hours once in animal control’s custody. If they are not adopted, they are euthanized. Ok, back to the story.

Hubby arranged for her to come by his shop with the puppies, so he could check them out. When she got there and got the puppy crate out of her SUV, she began to tell him about her champion bloodline, never been bred pit bull female. This lady hadn’t even been aware that her dog had been in heat. Apparently, someone carelessly left the gate unlatched and the female had run off for a day or so. They got her back in the house and life continued. Weeks passed and the female started getting fat, so she was taken to the vet, who devastated the female’s owner when he told her that her never been bred champion was soon to be a mother.

She began canvassing the area, and found that the only intact male in her neighborhood was a full blooded, champion bloodline boxer.

More weeks pass, the pups are born, and the sire’s owners have no interest in taking any of the half breed pups. The lady is stuck. She had been planning to breed her dog to another champion pit bull and sell the pups, but she couldn’t sell these as pure blood pit bull pups. She couldn’t really afford to keep six dogs. She was just going to take them to animal control.

She was trying to point out the runt of the litter for hubby. The pups were asleep in the crate, and as hubby spoke to the lady, one pup woke up and sat up, looking intently at my dear hubby.

He told her in no uncertain terms that he wanted that one. She tried her best to get him to take the runt, but his mind was made up.

Later that evening when hubby got home, he came walking to the door with the floppiest, clumsiest, most wonderful pup running beside him. The ball of floppy skin and ears jumped into my arms, and straight into my heart.IMG_20140116_140730



In the two years since, we have survived housebreaking, sock chewing, bed hogging, food stealing and hole digging. We have also gained the unconditional love and absolute devotion that only a dog can give. I simply cannot imagine life without Bruno at my feet. He goes everywhere I go, with few exceptions. He loves us completely. He is more than just a pet, Bruno is a part of our family.




Strangely enough, while not recognized by all the kennel clubs, the Bullboxer Pit is a designer breed that has it’s own devoted following. The mixture of the two bully breeds comes together in a highly intelligent, large, and aggressively loving dog.  I highly recommend mutts.

A Time Of Infinite Potential

Wednesday, March 23,2016

This full moon cycle boasts several, highly charged features, making this an ideal time for manifestation. This full moon occurred three days after the Vernal Equinox, also known as Ostara or Eostre. The number three carries it’s own energetic signature in modern witchcraft. The Wiccan Law of threefold return and the multitude of triple goddesses spread across the pantheons give evidence to this.

This was also the the first full moon of Spring, known to Native Americans as the Full Worm Moon or Sap Moon. These names were given due to the fact that at this time of year the ground is thawing, allowing worms to make their way to the surface of the soil, and because the sap of the maple trees is rising, causing the trees to bud. We also encountered our first lunar eclipse at around 7:40 am EST this morning.

According to my phases of the moon app on my smart phone, the moon became full yesterday. Being the good little witch that I am, I sprang into motion after a long winter spent huddled under my quilts .Of course, due to acute swimmers ear I was not in the right head space to celebrate the Equinox on March 20, so I was ready to seize the opportunity to harness the energies that this full moon brings.

I spent part of the afternoon in my herb garden, doing a little weeding around the chamomile that has popped up everywhere, and tending my rosemary, spearmint and sage bushes. I took this opportunity to ground and center. Having your hands in the dirt is a great way to transmute and transform your own energy signature, and bring it back into balance. I also planted some lavender seeds that I hope to use both ritually and medicinally, once it sprouts and grows.

I boiled two dozen farm fresh, brown eggs, courtesy of my sweet chickens. Today the boys and I will decorate them. Being a pagan family this means that our eggs will be complete with pentacles and Mulnirs. We will probably incorporate some prayers and simple spells for abundance in there somewhere, too.

Last night, before I went to bed I placed my largest quartz and amethyst clusters in my herb garden, under the moon’s rays to cleanse and charge them. Tonight I will place the rest of my stones and crystals out there, along with my ritual tools. This affords me the chance to clean and declutter my altars. This is Witchy Spring Cleansing at its best. I might even put the seeds I intend to plant in this year’s garden out there, so that they can be infused with this potential energy.

Now is a great time for mundane spring cleaning tasks as well. Cleaning windows, clearing cobwebs (they pile up), and deep cleaning of carpets are on my list. In order for the potential of this full moon energy to manifest, we have to start with a clean slate. One can take advantage of the full moon energy on the day before, the day of and the day after the actual full moon. Typically, I try to smoke cleanse our home on Wednesdays. There is no reason that I do this on Wednesday, other than that is what my deities have guided me to do. Today’s cleansing will be a little more in depth and focus on drawing in abundance and loving energies.

In case you missed it last night, moon rise is at 8:17 pm EST. I fully intend to soak up some of Madame LaLune’s splendor tonight.


Spring Musings

The equinox has come and gone. Warmth and sunlight begin to fill the days again. A rainbow of blossoms have spread across the yard, and birds are busily making nests.

This time of year has always been a personal favorite of mine, so full of potential. That, in and of itself, is why I have started this blog.  I am using this Spring as a spring for my creative potential. Lately, I have been feeling the pull of the words, the words I had locked away years ago, because I let certain people and circumstances convince me that those words didn’t matter. They matter.

What the reader can expect from this blog:

Poems, fiction, and articles on subjects from gardening to homesteading, ritual crafting to the elements of modern witchery. That’s right, I am a witch, a hippie, and a writer. I might offer an article or two on sewing and crafting as well.

At the moment, I am trying to juggle the normal spring time activities that take place on a small homestead and really launching my writing career. My current work in progress is about 22K words, so far and is a witchy science fiction.

Happy Spring everyone!