I’ve Been Absent

And I apologize.  I have had a good bit going on.  Last Wednesday,  I bit the bullet and hit publish on the first in series short novel that I’ve been working on.

Of course I proofed it a dozen times,  but some errors and formatting issues showed up in the finished work.  I frantically made revisions,  and consequently found other errors.  The process continued.

So,  long story short,  I am now a published author.  I’ve never felt such gut wrenching anxiety. At last check,  38 free copies have been downloaded.

I gotta admit,  my brain kind of short circuited long about the 15th download.  I had to unplug and reset.  So I lost myself in dirt and sunshine until I felt normal.  We have had our garden spot plowed for a couple of weeks,  but then the rain came. I had to wait until the soil dried out before I could plant.  Since Friday,  I have planted yellow squash,  acorn squash,  cucumbers,  silver queen corn,  sweet yellow corn and okra.

Then my son decided he wanted to learn how to garden and we planted three kinds of green beans, blackeyed peas,  carrots,  onions,  spinach and tomatoes. This afternoon we will planting some more tomatoes and seven different kinds of peppers. We love our peppers.

I have also started on the second in series book.  The story centers around Rheta.  She’s no spring chicken,  but she is naive.  She is a witch and priestess in training who finds herself seemingly alone on an empty planet,  battling weather gone crazy,  crippling loneliness,  and a sorcerer that she doesn’t trust.

Unbeknownst to them both,  the rest of humanity has been “evacuated” by an alien race ruled by a powerful deity, who is bent on finding her heir.

It is going to be a series of several,  with each book being considered a short read.

If you are so inclined,  you can check it out on Kindle but it has occult and pagan themes and adult situations. Today is the last day of the free promotion.

So on to today’s work,  featuring a small mountain of laundry,  a vacuum cleaner, two bathrooms in need of swabbing, and a kitchen that needs a deep clean. All that before at least two more hours of planting this afternoon and getting dinner on the table. Ah,  the glamorous life of an author.




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