Lineage, or Digging Up My Roots.

Ever notice how when most people talk about family trees, they refer to the ancestors as the branches? This never made sense to me. It makes way more sense to me to think of my ancestors as my roots.

As a solitary, eclectic witch,  I have been curious for some time now, as to where I came from. Outside of my immediate scope which included literally loads of my dad’s side, and a limited interaction with a limited number of my mom’s folks, I had no idea.

I knew the story of our name, Rountree, and its origin, in England.  Daddy told me the story often when I was little. A landowner was out inspecting his land and found a baby boy under a rowan tree.  He took the boy to raise, giving him the surname Rowantree. The boy grew up, took a wife, and had two sons, who changed the spelling to Rountree.

I loved that story. All I knew of my mother’s side was that she was one quarter Cherokee. I took the plunge. I signed up on I highly recommend this.  It has been tremendously rewarding.

I have been able to verify my Daddy’s story, to some degree. Sure enough, the line stops in 1475,  in Yorkshire. Along the way, I found myself in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia before crossing the Atlantic to Ireland, and then on to England. There are other grandparents roots to explore,  but that’s as far as the Rountree line is traceable.

So,  at my Mom’s request, I began digging her side.  She wanted to uncover those Native American roots, and frankly, I did too. I may have found more than either of us expected.  Her line is traceable back to 400 BC. it goes further,  I just haven’t gotten that far.

Update: found a taproot on Dad’s side that goes pretty far.  I don’t know whether I find it cool or weird that it turns out that my mom and dad share ancestors.  I found documented proof that my paternal 34th Great Grandparents are also my maternal 34th Great Grandparents. This is the ancestor taproot that stretches into antiquity,  so,  I guess it’s kind of cool.

I have found royal and tribal and tribal royal blood in abundance on both sides.  It humbling.  Very humbling to know your roots.

This genealogy project has inspired me.  I want to write about the spiritual relationship between descendants and ancestors. I’m still ironing out the concept, while work begins in earnest on Book 2 of the Aradiana Series. There might be some genealogy themes touched on in this series, too.

Book 1 is still available.



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