Beltane Blessings

My chamomile and sage were covered with blooms so I carefully plucked the tender flowers. I rinsed them under cool running water in my special wooden bowl. The mingling of the scents, the sweet of the chamomile with the savory, clean sage was a delight.

I decided to use my dragons blood candle, and ran the bath. Then I sprinkled the blossoms into the water and lit the candle. As I soaked,  I called on my dragon. She helps me to focus,  and I wanted to focus. Needed to focus on how thankful I am.

I’ve have recently achieved something that I have dreamed of for a long time. Something that I firmly believe wouldn’t have been possible had I never taken the first steps on this path that I now walk.  The path of a witch, and more importantly as a lightworker.

I have been given the tools and the talents that I need to help change the public perception of the pagan community. I am honored and humbled. In the series that I am writing, Rheta struggles with her faith. She will go through a very dark time as the series continues. 

I love my path, and am proud of it, much like Rheta at the beginning of the series. But there have been shadowy times, times when my faith and dedication have been tested in ways that defy description. Times when my faith was ultimately rewarded because I stood firm.

That is what my Beltane represented.  Giving thanks in the simplest way that I could, by reconfirming my commitment to my deities with a ritual bath.  In their typical fashion they have already responded.  I sold my first paid copy today.  Sure, I know that the royalties at this point wouldn’t even buy me a decent glass of wine.  Do I care?  No.

That one paid sale represents their acceptance of my humble supplication. And that makes my feet all the more steady as I continue down this path.

Blessings my friends, to all of you.


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