My Other Side

Most people know me as a crafter,  a witch,  an amateur herbalist,  and most recently,  a writer. While there are certainly other aspects of me, most people would be surprised to learn that I have another, far different aspect.

Me and my Bate

Yep.  That’s me.  Riding behind my soul mate and twin flame.  We were on our way back from a weekend long trip.  We rode 528 miles round trip.

Our trip began around 7:30 in the evening last Friday.  We were riding in a group.  Standard for a motorcycle club.  Now for those of you who are not familiar with MC’s,  allow me to clear up some misconceptions.

  1. I am not a member.  My old man is.  The club he is a member of is men and Harley Davidson only.  See that vest I’m wearing?  On the back it has a pretty controversial (to some) patch.  It reads “Property of Freedom Seekers.” The Freedom Seekers are a Georgia club.  This event was an anniversary party for one of the chapters.  Every old lady wears this patch. It does not mean that we are treated poorly.  I consider it a sort of shield.  If hubby and I get separated at these functions, which often have other clubs present, it identifies me as off limits to other men.  If there is an issue,  I can count on any of my old man’s club brothers to come to my defense.
  2. The club routinely does charity work.  Sponsoring rides and parties to help needy families and homeless shelters, toy runs for less fortunate children, both at Christmas and Easter.  I was driving Wednesday and saw one of his brothers stopped on the side of the road,  his motorcycle pulled alongside an older white Cadillac.  An old woman was leaned against his bike talking to him, and he was working on changing her tire. That’s just the kind of thing they do.
  3. The MC is NOT a street gang.  These are all men with wives and children, jobs, homes, and other interests. Yes, most have the stereotypical beards, long hair and tattoos,  but they are still good people.
  4. My patch does not mean that the brothers can pass me around.  I do not ” belong” to the club in the same way as their clubhouse properties.  Read “property of”  as “protected by”.
  5. Yes.  Everyone of the brothers and old ladies are aware that there are dangers involved in getting on a motorcycle.  There are dangers in driving a car too.  Or walking down the street.  Or getting in an airplane, or on a cruise ship, or train.  Please don’t try to “educate”  those who ride motorcycles on the dangers.  It won’t be well received.
  6. And finally,  motorcycles are everywhere.  They have as much right to the road as anybody.  Look twice, save a life.  Give them plenty of room,  and for Goddess sake,  don’t cut them off in traffic, ride too close, or deliberately slow down when one comes up behind you.  On our trip this time, we were cut off on I75 three times.  We were nearly run off the road by two cars attempting to change lanes without checking that it wasn’t already occupied.  We were harassed by truckers. There were six motorcycles riding together. We were highly visible.

In conclusion, most people wouldn’t look at me and think ” biker chick”.  Most people look at my old man,  with his long hair,  beard and tattoos and think “troublemaker”.  When in fact he is the most caring,  stable,  loving family man I have ever known, aside from my own father.  Don’t judge folks based on what you see at first glance. You’re only cheating yourself if you do.


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