I Have Been Away.

It was a long and long overdue hiatus. I have been busy. Busy with life, with work, with digging deep into the core of what it is that I am here for.

Now, I know. I know with a bone deep knowing. I know in a way that I don’t necessarily like at times, but I know.

In the time that I have been gone, I have had two jobs. The last one seems to have stuck, though, why, I have no idea. I never thought I was made for retail, but it would seem that this, like so many other things in my life are predestined and arranged perfectly.

I have also been called. Called specifically to a role that I have run from for a really long time. Called to serve the Great Mother of All, though again, why She chose me, I will never understand.

I have become an Ordained Minister, enrolled in Priestess Training, and I have been convicted to start a ministry in my area. Well, ministry may be a bit of a reach, but it is certainly a good work, and the world needs more of that right now, more than ever.

Look for more from this witch, and in the meantime, stay blessed.